Our Objectives

We are committed to constantly improve and refine our products and production. Being a product specialist, we need to be innovative in every little detail to keep adding a sense of novelty and originality. The only way to do so is by controlling every step of the process Рfrom choosing the best yarns to using the exact right sewing technique. Sustainable design is about creating long-lasting products and minimizes negative environmental and social impact. There is no room for shortcuts. Only work with the very best suppliers and choose the fit, material, color, prints and trims that we can make those key sustainable choices that allow for environmental improvements throughout the entire value chain.

Market analysis and Development

Our dedicated team actively research the market for new products, innovative materials and the top sellers so that we can keep our clients informed of the latest products and market information


The strong merchandising team strongly follow up at every step from the raw materials to finished products to acquire higher standard. Our wealth experiences in production ensures the critical path, monitor and make solution quickly to any challenges on going production.

 Quality Control

We strictly follow quality control and quality assurance systems all the industrial processes involved in its productive activities and finds best balance between style, quality, price and manufactured under the highest sustainable standards. Quality levels are thus optimal at every stage of production.
The work closely with suppliers and our representatives stay on the production line to guarantee the highest possible quality. We are committed to serve the customers within the frames of reliability, responsibility, creativity and flexibility through transparency.

Shipping and Logistics

A specialist member of our team takecare to process of payments, arrange and update the shipping documentations, communicate with freight forwarders to deliver the production in real time.