EcoBi Textiles Limited

We are a prominent sourcing channel for our worldwide partners providing a range of services including access to our facilities

Our objectives

Our way with several best companies and the strong team with textile engineers follow up 360° in every step on going production to produce best quality products. EcoBi Textiles works ceaselessly to develop new textile solutions and analyses the requirements in order to adapt the creation of products to its customer.


Organic is generally defined as cotton that is grown no genetically modified plants, and without the use of any systhetic arricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides and certified organic labelling such as GOTS

Recycle yarns prevent unneeded wastages and sustainable alternatives to disposal. These come  from textile wastes or leftovers which are spun or repolymerization into new yarns such as cotton, polyester etc and certified GRS,GORT

BCI holistic approaches to sustainable cotton production which environmental, social and economic. Criteria to the monitoring which show Results and Impacts– work together to support the Better Cotton Standard System


OEKO-TEX STeP stands for Sustainable Textile Production and is a certification system for environmentally friendly and socially responsible production facilities along supply chain




Coporate office

House 32, Road 19, Sector-11

Uttara, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh

Mob: +8801726302532



Sales and customer service (EU)

Via Chiesa Della Salute, 20

Torino, 100147, Italy

Mob: +393512420722